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Judo: 4 Best Throws Even Beginners Can Master

Beginners can find it quite hard to dominate your opponent with just a few practice games. Your body must be familiar with the various moves and techniques to execute the proper tackling motion when faced with a challenge. Judo is a modern martial art that can be excelled at only with constant practice. Once you have learned the basics, you might be looking for the best throws and strategies to take your opponent down.

Functional techniques that can work at all levels are important when you want to take Judo seriously. However, it isn’t just about the techniques you use or the knowledge you gain about the subject. Your strength and power are essential features that play important roles in boosting your rank. Only when all these factors come together to form the best of them can you throw your opponent down to a defeat. Let us look at some of the best throws every beginner must learn in order to improve their skills.


1.      Uki Goshi

One of the most common throws in Judo championships, Uki Goshi, is a hip throw type known as floating hip throw. Catching your opponent’s belt once you initiate contact with him/her is the key move to effectively implement this throw. Anyone using strength over their technique and speed can be easily defeated using this throw. The ideal way of doing it is by sliding sideways to let your opponent make his move over your hip. Take this opportunity to throw him, but do not give your back completely while doing so because you could get countered.

Uki Goshi

2.      Tsuri Goshi

By learning uki goshi, your core strength will develop, and the skills to slide over to your opponent will improve. Once you have excelled at that throw, tsuri goshi wouldn’t be any hard to pull off. This technique is also known as lifting hip throw, and you have to lift the opponent on your back to throw him/her on the ground. Stretching your right hand by grabbing his/her belt over the top will help you have a dominant position over their shoulder. By doing all this flawlessly, the chances for you to be countered will be decreased.


3.      Seoi Nage

This is an amazing technique that beginners can easily grasp and is also one of the highest-scoring techniques in competitions. Seoi Nage is also known as shoulder throw, a type of move that is applicable in almost all situations. Both the hands are used in this technique to gain a grip over the opponent, making it a discrete move with great contrast to the seoi nage, where you only need to grip the opponent with one hand. If you do not grab your opponent fast enough, you may get countered. Although this throw is quite risky, it is also a lot of fun to implement.


4.      Ippon Seoi Nage

Ippon seoi nage is one of the best throws to finish the fight sooner. It is also known as a single back throw, where you grip the opponent with one hand while the other hand holds his/her armpit. Being too far from your opponent or failing to control their right hand can get you countered easily.

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