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Top 3 Best Winter Sports In The World

As the snow falls and the hailstones break into funny shapes, you are welcome into the chilling part of the year. Winter is always fun, but hard to survive when the temperatures fall beyond a certain level. When you have a jacket, muffler, and pair of gloves on, the cold winds might not affect your adventure much. One of the greatest benefits of winter is that you get to indulge in forms of physical activities without sweating all day.


While some places carry the concept of snow and the white backgrounds, many other locations are all about the wafting winds that can send chilling stimuli over your body. No matter where you hail from, the winter sports can be enjoyed during those months. All these sports are meant to be played in the winter and not at any other time of the year. Let us look at some of the best winter sports played all across the globe.


1.      Alpine Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a sport that most you might be familiar with. It has been one of the major events of the Winter Olympics since 1998. Around 38 different snowboarders won Olympic medals, and these include 14 gold, 14 silver, and 14 bronze. The Alpine snowboarding is a category that falls under snowboarding, but it is practiced only on groomed pistes. However, the Alpine snowboarding gear is similar to the shape and design of the equipment used in skiing. The traditional snowboarding gear bears less resemblance to the Alpine snowboarding gear. Carving has to be much better in Alpine snowboarding, making the Alpine snowboard gear longer and safer for the action. Hardshell boots and high-quality ski helmets are used for Alpine snowboarding in order to ensure safety at higher speeds. Alpine snowboarding deserves this top position among all the winter sports due to its sheer thrill and gracious movements.

Alpine Snowboarding

2.      Alpine Skiing

The sliding down motion on the snow-covered hills on your skis is the basic idea of Alpine skiing, referred to as downhill skiing. Fixed-heel bindings are used in the sport, and most snowboarders practice in ski resorts with first aids, ski lifts, artificial snowmaking, and restaurants. Helicopter or snowcats transport the Alpine skiing equipment used for marked pistes. Several international championships are held exclusively for the sport, and many of the participants end up having serious medical attention. That doesn’t imply the game is dangerous, but it would always be best to wear all the essential gear.

Alpine Skiing

3.      Ice Hockey

The hard rubber ice hockey ball called puck is pursued by two different teams to take it over to the post and score a goal. Multiple skaters representing the two teams will be on the rink, trying to chase the puck to improve their winning chances. In countries like the United States and Canada, the sport is simply referred to as hockey. Ice hockey is the fastest game on earth because of its fast-paced gaming pattern, with the puck gliding over the slippery rink with swiftness. Considering the popularity and the fun element of this sport, it has to be in the top three of this list.

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